INFJ (MBTI Personality Type)

On INFJ Conflict Resolution (Fe vs Fi)

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by Andy Davis. When faced with interpersonal conflicts, an INFJ will naturally consider all of the people involved, due to their auxiliary extroverted Feeling (Fe) judging function. From this, they’ll perceive through their dominant introverted Intuition (Ni) the likely repercussions and impacts on those people – and use that interpersonal (Ni) foresight to decipher the […]

MBTI Personality Type Theory

INFJ vs INFP use of the Feeling Function

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INFJ vs INFP use of the Feeling Function There are almost infinite uses for any supportive (auxiliary and tertiary) function in assisting the dominant. Every individual has a unique context in the world, through which they apply their preferred MBTI type functions. Among the most diverse and variably applied functions is Feeling, which can be […]