On Trust

by Andy Davis.

Let people earn trust.

People give out trust far too easily, and some people demand it long before they have any right to.

Not trusting doesn’t imply being suspicious or bitter.

It simply means that you reserve having expectations, large or small, about the other person.

It is not unreasonable to wait prudently until you’re reasonably confident that another person is capable of meeting your expectations.

The problem with falling in love is that we too easily start to confuse romantic dreaming with solid real-world expectations.

Not confusing dreams with expectations helps keep you grounded, and makes the difference between a simple disappointment and a crushing heartbreak.


On Trust
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On Trust
Andy Davis on Trust
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Andy Davis Books
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One thought on “On Trust

  1. Only read 2 so far but like both. Love this one!! It really irritates me when someone I haven’t known long says I have trust issues as they expect me to trust them straight away. I always reply yes I do and it takes time to trust. Quality over quantity and those I trust have been in my life for years, through the good and the bad. Time will tell. But it’s a hard balance giving people benefit of the doubt or trusting your instincts and backing away. I try not to expect anything from new people and make sure my boundaries are in place. Some people are good at hiding who they are though and for a long time. Single forever is possibly the case as it does tend to seem impossible to meet people who understand us or are similar.

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