INFJ (MBTI Personality Type)

On INFJ Conflict Resolution (Fe vs Fi)

by Andy Davis.

When faced with interpersonal conflicts, an INFJ will naturally consider all of the people involved, due to their auxiliary extroverted Feeling (Fe) judging function.

From this, they’ll perceive through their dominant introverted Intuition (Ni) the likely repercussions and impacts on those people – and use that interpersonal (Ni) foresight to decipher the most harmonious Fe-driven all-round solution.

For an INFJ, the introverted Feeling function is the lowest in their cognitive stack. It resides entirely within their subconscious mind and its subliminal input to their considerations is, at best, haphazard and immature. For this reason, the INFJ is unlikely to include, or even recognize, their own needs within their process of creating a harmonious solution for others.

The most apparent difference between Fe and Fi only becomes visible when the harmonious resolution of an issue directly conflicts with the INFJ’s wider value system – in doing so, presenting a psychological threat to their ego-maintained sense of self-identity.

The Fe judgement user will be most likely to prioritize conflict resolution above their value system, whereas a predominantly Fi user will be more inclined to preserve their values over the need for harmony.

Thus, the Fi driven user will naturally seek any mutual compromise solution that doesn’t invalidate their entrenched values.

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Whereas the Fe judging personality will more readily compromise their own values for the sake of achieving harmony, and feel good for doing it – but probably also be left simmering with an internal resentment at having diminished their self-worth or self-identity for the sake of making others happy.

As is often the case, the INFJ will be left feeling intensely conflicted. In this case, the immediate positive self-image of having sacrificed their needs for the sake of wider harmony, and the antagonistic frustration of having to demote their own self-image in order to have done so.

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