MBTI Personality Type Theory

How To Accurately Identify your MBTI Personality Type

Cognitive Function Theory Links

Tumblr – MBTI Type Basics Guide

Tumblr – Cognitive Function Guide

If You’re Confused About Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type, Read This: An Intro To Cognitive Functions by Heidi Priebe

Personality Type Basics (Typology 101), By Dr. A.J. Drenth

The 8 Functions (Typology 201), By Dr. A.J. Drenth

The “Functional Stack” (Typology 301), By Dr. A.J. Drenth

MBTI Testing Sites Links

Sarkinova Cognitive Function Assessment (Grant-Brownsword) (free)

Official MBTI Online Assessment (cost $49.95)

General Advice on How to Self-Type Accurately

Here’s Why Your Personality Test Results Might Be Wrong, by Susan Storm

Why MBTI Mistypes Everyone

7 Reasons Why The Online MBTI Community Is Dominated By iNtuitives, by Heidi Priebe

When You ALMOST Know Your Personality Type (aka “Between Two Types”), By Antonia Dodge

3 Biggest Mistakes in Self-Typing (aka “Help! I can’t figure out my type!”), By Antonia Dodge

Here’s What Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type Will and Won’t Tell You, by Susan Storm

7 Of the Biggest Misunderstandings about the Myers-Briggs® System, by Susan Storm

Signs That Reveal Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type, by Susan Storm

3 Reasons You May Not Agree With Your MBTI Results, by Jenna Birch

The REAL REASON why you get different MBTI test results

Going Further Into MBTI Developed Theory

An Introduction to the Shadow Functions , by Susan Storm

What Others Are Reading  Testing Accurately on MBTI

The Complete Introduction to the Shadow Functions in MBTI, by Evan Orff

An Explanation of the 8-Function Stack (preferred and shadow functions)

The Inferior Function: An Overlooked (But Potent) Personality Factor, By Dr. A.J. Drenth

The Inferior Function: Traps, Temptations, & “Grip Experiences”, By Dr. A.J. Drenth

Dominant-Inferior Function Dynamics: Healthy vs. Unhealthy, By Dr. A.J. Drenth

What are “loops” and “grips”? And an easy way to visualize them

Are You In The Grip? by Jonathan Bollag

Core Characters under great stress: the grip experience, by Penny Moyle

Type and Stress: Escaping The Grip

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