INFJ (MBTI Personality Type)

10 Tips For Dating an INFJ Male

by Andy Davis.

INFJ personalities can be weird when it comes to dating, especially male INFJs.

If you are considering pursuing a closer relationship with an INFJ guy, here’s ten important tips that you should remember:

  1. Do not lie to, or attempt to deceive them in any way.
  2. Be as authentic and sincere as you can be. They can love you for your flaws but will reject you for pretending to be something you’re not (especially trying to act perfect).
  3. Do not assume anything about their behaviour, based on your own self-understanding.
  4. Do your utmost to really understand them, patiently, at the pace they open up to you.
  5. Understand that what you consider small or insignificant endearments or gestures may be a huge display of affection or interest from them. What they feel inside is liable to be several orders of magnitude higher than what they show or say. *The same is actually also very true if you disappoint them.
  6. Try your best to replicate, or match, the effort and care they put into the relationship. They’re used to feeling that relationships can be one-sided – show them otherwise.
  7. They need space. Sometimes a lot of it. If they don’t get it, they can become toxic. They need to take this space to keep themselves healthy and balanced for the good of the relationship. Although, they may be inclined to sacrifice that space to please you… it’s ultimately a negative consequence.
  8. Respect the way their cognitive functions work. Do not belittle or over-rule their perspectives, when they differ from yours.
  9. Talk about the future. That’s what preoccupies them.
  10. Show strong ethics and integrity. If they feel you are deficit in these, they’ll distance themselves swiftly.
  11. Support their need for emotional, physical and intellectual intimacy. Beyond face values, appearances and words.. the actual level of intimacy they share is the best yardstick of the relationship health. If it stops growing or declines, it’s time for honest, open communication.
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